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Applying to Graduate is a 2 Step Process, you must do the following;

  1. Submit your intent to Graduate in the Student Center
  2. Print and complete a Graduation Application
    • ​Note: Former students can only do the paper application. 

Use the instructions below for more details and forms.

Step One

  1. Verify Eligibility
  2. Log into the Gateway to access the Student Center
    • In the Studnet Center go under Academics select Apply for Graduation from the other academic... drop down menu.

How to apply for graduation through your Student Center

  1. Submit Intent
    • Under Program: Undergraduate Degree, select Apply for Graduation.
    • Select your Expected Graduation Term and click Continue.
    • Review graduation term and select Submit Application.

Step Two

  1. Select an Application
    • Note: Business Majors must use the Business Application

  1. Fill it out
  2. Submit for approval to your major and/or minor departments
    • If you can't come in person to submit, contact the Department directly for options.
    • Faculty advisor and Department chair signatures are required
    • A separate major/minor program form (Pg. 4) must be submitted for each major (and each concentration within a major) and minor.
  3. Pay the $100 fee
    • For instructions visit the Bursar’s site HERE, or come in person to pay.
    • Note: Late applications are subject to a $5.00 late fee (see: Deadline to Apply by Semester).
  4. Submit completed and approvded forms to our One Stop counter
    • Forms are accepted in person at our One Stop counter in the Student Services Building.