Graduation Application - Marketing & Management Students

Please Note: If you are a Marketing or Management student, but you are pursuing a double major/concentration (in anything other than Marketing or Management) or have a minor, you are not eligible for this pilot group and will still need to submit a paper application.  If you are not eligible, CLICK HERE.


Graduation Checklist for Marketing  & Management Applicants

Use the quick steps below to begin the process and lookup  more information.   

1. Submit your Application

  1. Log into Gateway
  2. Open the Student Center
  3. Open the "other academic..." dropdown menu
  4. Select the "Apply for Graduation" option
If you are not a current student anymore click Here.  To take the Graduation Survey Click Here

2. Pay Application Fees 

Pay the Application Fee online in the Student Center or in person with the Bursar's Office.  To avoid delays with your diploma or transcripts make sure all financial obligations are fulfilled. 
For information on how to pay Click Here