San Francisco State University values the health of every member of our community.  This is why it is so important for every student to be current for important immunizations and screenings.  Ensuring all students receive these screenings and immunizations is critical to ensuring we provide a healthy and safe environment while you pursue your education.

Immunization Clearance Checklist

Please review the below steps for how to clear any immunization holds on your record.

Student Center home page, box around the holds and alerts section.

1. Check your Student Center for holds

Required Immunizations are listed in the Holds & Alerts message box in the upper right corner of your Student Senter. Click the Details to view important information.
Account & Password help
Central circle and thriee icons to the right listing ways to clear the hold

2. Provide proof of immunization

To verify immunizations and clear your hold(s):
- Email immunization record to
- Note: If you attended a California public high school, CSU, or UC, we can clear your immunization hold.  Please send an email from your SFSU email account to with the school name, location, and your dates of attendance (approximate dates can be accepted).

IMPORTANT: Any record or verification sent to the Registrar's Office for the purpose of clearing an immunization hold must contain the students name, DoB, and SF ID #. Verifications can be a screen shot, or emailed attachment, if sending electronically. If possible, ONLY provide proof for immunizations listed on your Student Center.
Get your Immunizations at the Student Health Center
Student Center home page with the holds and alerts box highlighted.

3. Confirmation of Submission

The Registrar's Office normally clears holds 7 - 14 business days after verification of immunization is submitted. Non-compliant submissions will require additional time to process. Please check your Student Center after this time to verify the hold is removed.

Experiencing Issues?

If you are unable to provide immunization verification, or have other issues, please visit our Student Health Center's FAQ page for assistance or submit a ticket at for immediate assistance.