Graduation Application FAQs

Instructions and Deadlines

I submitted my application, what next?

The Commencement Ceremony is over, what now?

Instructions and Deadlines

When are Graduation Applications due? Where do I submit mine?

Four official graduation application deadlines are scheduled each year – one in the Fall, one in the Spring and one more in the Summer. Please see the chart below for your upcoming due date:

Graduation Application Due Dates




3rd Friday in February

Summer attending Commencement 

2nd Friday in March


2nd Friday in July


Last Friday in September


After gathering all Department approval signatures and making the payment at Bursar's, submit your application to the Registrar’s Office at One Stop Student Services Center, First Floor of the Student Services Building.

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How do I know if I qualify to apply for graduation?

To qualify for graduation, you must complete all the requirements for the Bachelor’s degree by the official graduation date (note: different from the graduation application due date) listed in the University Calendar on the Bulletin. 

  • For further breakdown of General Education and University requirements please see the Academic Checklist on the Bulletin. 

  • To understand where you stand in fulfilling your General Education and University, check your Degree Progress Report.

  • If you have any questions regarding General Education and University requirements, please visit the Undergraduate Advising Center

  • If you have any questions regarding your Major/Minor requirements, please speak with your Major/Minor advisor(s).  

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How much is the Graduation Application and filling fee? 

The graduation application and filing fee is $100. This fee entitles you to an official graduation evaluation of progress toward meeting baccalaureate degree requirements. If students qualify for graduation by the designated graduation date, they may participate in the annual commencement ceremony. Students who reapply for graduation must submit another graduation application and pay the $100 fee. Applications submitted after the deadline are subject to a $5.00 late fee. 

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I’m a Double Major, do I need to submit and pay for two applications?

Double majors leading to the same baccalaureate degree (B.A. or B.S. or B.M.) do not constitute separate baccalaureate degrees and only one degree will be awarded. However multiple diplomas may be printed if variant degree tracks have been pursued (examples: B.A. and B.S., B.A. and B.M., B.S. and B.M.)  Therefore, if you are a double major, please submit two Approved Major Program forms. Only one application fee of $100 is required for one degree, regardless of the number of majors and minors.  

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I submitted my application, what’s next?

What is happening with my application? Why is it taking so long?

Thank you for submitting your graduation application. Due to the need to access student archives or the complexity of an individual record, some applications can take longer to review. Please keep in mind that thousands of applications are processed manually every semester, your patience is appreciated. 

To confirm we have received your physical application, start at your Student Center. Click on the To Do List item on your Student Center to find out if your application was “Received.” If it has been more than two weeks since you submitted your application to the Registrar’s Office and your checklist item still says “Required,” please contact the Registrar’s Office:
Call at (415)388-2350 or

If you are a Business Administration major and if it has been more than two weeks since you submitted your application to the COB Student Success Center, please visit the COB Student Success Center located in BUS 112. 

Once your application is marked "Received," you can be sure that our Graduation Evaluators at the Registrar’s Office are working diligently to complete preliminary evaluations on all applications. They will reach out to you if they have any concerns. 

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What if I completed requirements at another institution?

If you complete a requirement(s) for graduation (General Education, University or Major requirements) at an institution outside of San Francisco State, make sure to submit Official Transcripts (or Test Scores) to Undergraduate Admissions as soon as possible. If the class/requirement is in progress please keep the following transcript deadlines in mind:

Transcript Deadlines


Last Friday of June


Last Friday of September


Last Friday of January     

Mail Official Transcripts to:
Undergraduate Admissions 
San Francisco State University 
1600 Holloway Ave. 
San Francisco, CA 94132 

Drop off Official Transcripts at:
The Admissions Counter (Window 1) at One Stop Student Services Center, First Floor of Student Services Building.  

If the transfer institution offers electronic transcripts, please follow their online instructions.  

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The Commencement Ceremony is over, what now?

I did not attend the Commencement Ceremony, how can I get a diploma cover?

Undergraduate degree candidates and recipients attending the May Commencement will receive an SF State diploma cover as part of the ceremony. Please note that a diploma cover does not come with your diploma, diplomas are mailed separately. Those not attending the ceremony may request an SF State diploma cover from the Registrar’s Office in person at the One Stop Student Services Center or via request, include your name, SF State ID number, date of graduation and the address to mail your diploma cover. Diploma covers will not be mailed with diplomas. 

Please visit our Diplomas page for more information regarding diplomas. 

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I walked in the Commencement Ceremony, why is my Graduation Application denied? 

Spring and Summer applicants are eligible to participate in the ceremony but that does not mean they have earned their degree. If the graduation application is denied after the ceremony it means the student did not complete all their requirements, regardless if they attended the ceremony or not.  

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