Change of Major

New Admits Declaring a Major:

SF State freshmen admits must declare a major by the time they complete 70 units; students who enter SF State as junior- or senior-level transfer students must declare a major by the end of their first semester of enrollment at SF State. Students who do not declare their major will no longer be granted priority in Gator Reg.

New Requirements Beginning Spring 2011:


Impacted Majors

Both lower and upper division students requesting a change of major to an impacted program must meet the supplemental requirements required for that major. List of impacted majors.

Lower-Division Students Non-Impacted Majors

Department must accept changes of major for continuing lower-division student who have a minimum 2.0 GPA, and minimum grade of C in specified pre-requisite courses.

Upper-Division Students Non-Impacted Majors

Department may determine a number of units that must be completed with a minimum grade of C for the upper-division student to declare their major or a department may specify (normally lower division) courses that must be completed with minimum grades of C for the upper-division student to declared. The department may not limit enrollment in such courses to majors only.

Changing a Major for Seniors With 96 or More Units 

Continuing students who have earned 96 units or more may not apply to an impacted major. Students with 96 or more units can change to a non-impacted major, but advisors should determine the additional time such a change will add to a student’s degree before they approve the application, and should make the estimated graduation date clear to the student. 

Adding a Second Major 

A student can only add a second major if they can complete both majors within the minimum units required to graduate (120-132 units, depending on the majors). They must complete a Request to Add a Second Major and submit to the Registrar’s Office for review.  Note: Please allow 4 to 6 weeks processing time.

Adding a Minor 

Students may elect to complete a minor if it is possible to complete the minor and major within 120 units. Like a major, the minor is a focused area of study; however, a minor does not require as many units. Currently, at SF State, only the Journalism major requires a minor to earn a bachelor's degree.

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