Student Center Verification

  1. Log into SF State Gateway.
  2. Click on the Academics link.
  3. Then click the Student Center button.
  4. When in the Student Center, locate the "other academic..." drop down menu.
  5. Select Enrollment Verification and click the double arrow sign to continue.

Enrollment Verification in the Student center other academic menu

  1. When asked to select processing options, select Allow to Print from My Browser from the first drop-down box.
  2. Mark the check boxes for the academic information that should be included in the report.
  3. Select the term that should be included in the report or leave blank for all terms.
  4. Click the SUBMIT button to generate the Enrollment Verification.

Viewing options for Enrollment Verification on the Student Center.

  1. To print the results, click PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION and print or save to a file.

The Registrar's Office will stamp and seal the form for free upon request by the student. The official stamp and seal will not be available until after the drop deadline of the current semester.

Employer & Third Party Request

Requests from employers/third parties (i.e. insurance agency) for verification of current enrollment or degrees are processed by the National Student Clearinghouse. Contact them at (703) 742-4200 or via the web at: to get verification.

Notary Requests

Requests requiring official verification will be notarized at a cost of $10.00 per letter. Use the Notary Request form to make this request.

The Registrar's office does not provide an Apostille or Certification from the California Secretary of State; but, we do provide the needed material for SF State students and Alumni to obtain this service.  Please use the Notary Request form for further instrution and visit the California Secretary of State's site to find out how to get an Apostille or Certification,