Graduation & Diplomas

Prior to Applying for Graduation

  1. Check the Degree Progress Report for Undergraduate General Education and University Requirements.
  2. Visit Undergraduate Advising Center for Undergraduate General Education and University Requirements. Attend a graduation workshop hosted by the Undergraduate Advising Center. 
  3. Visit Major/Minor Advisor for Major/Minor program requirements. 
  4. Use the Academic Checklist as a resource to confirm completed requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Graduation Applications due?

I’m a Double Major, do I need to submit and pay for two applications?

Can Studying Abroad delay my Graduation Application?

What are some common issues, delays or common reasons for denial of Graduation Applications?

How long does it take to receive a Diploma?

Commencement Questions

Workshops by the Undergraduate Advising Center 

Grad App Express for Business StudentsCollege of Business Students applying to graduate. 

CHSS Graduation Workshops: College of Health & Social Sciences graduation application workshops. 

CoSE Graduation Workshops: College of Science & Engineering graduation workshops. 

LCA Graduation Workshops: College of Liberal & Creative Arts graduation workshops. 

Undeclared Advising: "Creating your SF State Experience Through Exploration"