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To Apply for Graduation, follow these steps:

  • Students should log in to the SFSU Student Center Under “Academics,” select the “Apply for Graduation” link and follow the prompts to select the term of graduation.
  • Students must also submit an application for graduation form, to be signed by major and minor departments. You must complete the following Exit Survey to complete the application for graduation form. Please do not submit the survey more than one time. Only one submission is required. When you have finished the survey, you will be directed to the Application for Graduation.
  • Pay the $100 application fee to the Bursar’s office. Applications submitted after the deadline are subject to a $5.00 late fee.
  • Submit completed application form to the Registrar’s office with proof of payment.


After you have followed these steps, you may check your graduation status online on your Student Center.


Diploma Name and Address

Please ensure the proper presentation of your name on your printed diploma and diploma mailing address. If you do not enter a specific diploma name then your first, middle, last name and any suffix will appear on your diploma as it is recorded in your records (We do not use the Preferred Name).

  • Navigate to Student Center

    (After entering SF State Gateway, click the Academics link, then Student Center button)
  • In the main pull down menu, select 'Apply for Graduation'
  • Click the 'View Graduation Status' link
  • Click 'Add/Update Diploma Name' to add/edit diploma name and Save
  • Click 'Add/Update Diploma Address' too add/edit diploma address and Save


Deadline for Graduaton Applications

Please consult with your major department for their deadlines to submit your application for department review and approval.


If you are graduating at the end of the Spring semester, you must submit your completed application to the Registrar's Office by the third Friday in February.


If you are graduating at the end of the Summer semester and wish to attend commencement ceremonies (for the current year), you must submit your completed application to the Registrar's Office by the second Friday in March.


If you are graduating at the end of the Summer semester, you must submit your completed application to the Registrar's Office by the second Friday in July.


If you are graduating at the end of the Fall semester, you must submit your completed application to the Registrar's Office by the last Friday in September.



Please visit the SF State Commencement page for more information.


Graduation and Commencement Information

A well-planned course of study as well as a clear understanding of requirements will help the student avoid graduation problems and delays. While each student is responsible for meeting all degree requirements and graduation deadlines, assistance is available from faculty advisers assigned through the major department, from staff in the Advising Center, and from a graduation counselor in Undergraduate Admissions.

Application must be completed, signed by the student, department advisor and chair, paid for at the Bursar's Office and submitted to the Registrar's Office by the official deadline.


Degree Dates: Three official graduation dates are scheduled each year—one in the fall, one in the spring, and one in the summer. To qualify for graduation, the student must complete all requirements for the bachelor's degree by the official graduation date listed in the University Calendar published in the Bulletin.


The graduation application and filing fee is $100. This fee entitles students to an official graduation evaluation of progress toward meeting baccalaureate degree requirements. If students qualify for graduation by the designated graduation date, they may participate in the annual commencement ceremony. Students who reapply for graduation must submit another graduation application and pay the $100 fee.


Undergraduate degree candidates and recipients attending the May Commencement will receive an SF State diploma cover as part of the ceremony. Those not attending the ceremony may request an SF State diploma cover from the Registrar's Office in person at the One Stop Student Service Center, or via us at Include your name, SF State ID number, date of graduation and the address to mail your diploma cover. Diploma covers will not be mailed with diplomas.


One Degree with Multiple Majors and/or Minors: Double majors leading to the same baccalaureate degree (B.A. or B.S.) do not constitute separate baccalaureate degrees and only one degree and one diploma will be awarded. Only one application fee of $100 is required for one degree, regardless of the number of majors and minors. The student record will reflect a maximum of three majors and two minors for each baccalaureate degree.


Graduating with Multiple Degrees: A student may be awarded more than one baccalaureate degree (B.A., B.S., B.M.) at the same time provided that requirements of all degree programs have been completed. Students who complete two or more different baccalaureate degrees may apply for all degrees in a single degree period by submitting separate applications simultaneously. Only one $100 fee is required for the two applications submitted simultaneously. Students who complete concurrently the requirements for two or more baccalaureate degrees will be acknowledged on separate diplomas for each degree earned.


Note: Students may not pursue a baccalaureate and masters degree concurrently. 

For complete information see Graduation Procedures and Commencement in the Bulletin.


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