Registration Hold

Registrar Update

Software upgrade will shut down Campus Solutions Friday, May 24 @ 4 PM through Tuesday, May 28 @ 8 AM. Refer to the ITS alerts page at for information on impacted systems.

The Student Center, Faculty Center, Class Services, and select services on Gateway will be unavailable over the Memorial Day weekend.   This software update is necessary to improve existing processes and provide better computing solutions for the campus. 
The Registrar’s Office apologizes for the inconvenience and delay this will cause and we will be available during normal business hours to field questions and offer solutions, but student records, grade rosters, and other services will be down.Thank you for your patience; and for any updates on the Campus Solutions closure visit Information Technology Services ALERT website here.

Have a Great weekend and Go Gators!   


For registration instructions please visit our CMS User Guides.


Information related to Holds & Alerts can be found in your Student Center. Follow the instructions below for more information.

Not all holds prevent registration.


STEP ONE: If your Holds & Alerts box has the text “No Holds,” then there are no holds to lookup.

The Student Center Holds and Alerts box with no holds or alerts in it.

STEP TWO: When items are in the Holds & Alerts box, then the details link appears.

STEP THREE: Click on the details link to proceed to the Holds Information page.

The Student Center Holds and Alerts box with a red transparent square around the details link.

STEP FOUR: Under the Hold Item column click the hold name for more details. 

The holds and alerts details page, the hold item column is enclosed by a red transparent square.

STEP FIVE: After clicking each hold name, contacts and instructions will display. 

Hold examples of a Campus Financial Obligation and an MMR.