Contact the Registrar's Office

If ID is not known lookup your SF State ID.
Ordering transcripts is located in SF State Gateway, and can be accessed by any student who has an SF State ID & password and who attended after Spring 1985. If the online feature is still unavailable then please use the Transcript Request Form, linked here, and housed on our Forms page.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are available on SF State Gateway, if you already have Gateway access then visit our Transcript Information page for detailed instructions.

If you are experiencing issues logging into SF State Gateway, please submit the form on SF State's Login Assistance page or call 415.338.1420 (select opt. 1).

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are only available on the Student Center, for instructions on how to access this application and where to locate the transcripts in this application visit our Transcript Information page.

Have Student Center Access, but transcripts still won't appear

Unofficial transcripts are pop up PDFs, to make sure they appear make sure your browsers pop up blocking security is turned off, or allows the unofficial transcript to appear.

Enrollment Verification

Verification of your record can be requested through the National Student Clearinghouse; for more details or information on verification options visit our Verification Information page.

Immunization Clearance Checklist

Please review the below steps for how to clear any immunization holds on your record.

Student Center home page, box around the holds and alerts section.

1. Check your Student Center for holds

Required Immunizations are listed in the Holds & Alerts message box in the upper right corner of your Student Senter. Click the Details to view important information.
Account & Password help
Central circle and thriee icons to the right listing ways to clear the hold

2. Provide proof of immunization

To verify immunizations and clear your hold(s):
- Email immunization record to
- Note: If you attended a California public high school, CSU, or UC, we can clear your immunization hold.  Please send an email from your SFSU email account to with the school name, location, and your dates of attendance (approximate dates can be accepted).

IMPORTANT: Any record or verification sent to the Registrar's Office for the purpose of clearing an immunization hold must contain the students name, DoB, and SF ID #. Verifications can be a screen shot, or emailed attachment, if sending electronically. If possible, ONLY provide proof for immunizations listed on your Student Center.
Get your Immunizations at the Student Health Center (Suspended until 04/07)
Student Center home page with the holds and alerts box highlighted.

3. Confirmation of Submission

The Registrar's Office normally clears holds 7 - 14 business days after verification of immunization is submitted. Non-compliant submissions will require additional time to process. Please check your Student Center after this time to verify the hold is removed.
List of locations offering vaccinations

Experiencing Issues?

If you are unable to provide immunization verification, or have other issues, please visit our Student Health Center's FAQ page for assistance or submit a ticket at for immediate assistance.

Diploma Request

To obtain a duplicate diploma, please fill out the Baccalaureate Replacement Diploma Request form, and mail it with payment to the Registrar's Office. If you have not received your original diploma after the award of your degree or a duplicate diploma order, then please submit a ticket.

If requesting a duplicate master's degree please visit the Graduate Studies forms page.

Diploma Cover Request

Diploma Covers are available for pick up in the One Stop Center, located on the first floor of the Student Services Building (SSB). If unable to pick up the cover then submit a ticket with a reason for the request.

Receiving a Diploma

After your Graduation Application is approved and finalized an email notice will be sent to you; your diploma will be processed and ordered to be delivered to your diploma mailing address (click here for more details). Degree Applications can only begin the approval process after the semester's official grades are released (

To check on the status of your degree aplication or request for a pending degree verification letter, please select the Graduation Applications option above for further assistance.

Spring Admits

New freshman and transfer students who have questions about test score submissions, transcript deadlines, residency updates, or other admission issues should visit the Undergraduate Admissions website or contact Admissions directly.

Phone: 415.338.6486


Fall Admits

New freshman and transfer students who have questions about their application status or document deadlines should visit the Undergraduate Admissions website or contact them directly.

Phone: 415.338.6486


Getting Student Access

If you are experiencing issues logging into SF State services, please submit the form on SF State's Login Assistance page or call 415.338.1420 (select opt. 2). For all other service requests or, to report an incident, please log into ITS's Service Request Portal.

The Apply for Graduation link location in the student center

Apply to Graduate

  • To be eligible to apply for either Summer or Spring graduation, a student must have completed a minimum of 90 units.
  • To be eligible to apply for Fall graduation, a student must have a combined minimum of 90 units - including completed and in-progress units.
  1. Open the Student Center
  2. Open the other academic... menu
  3. Select Apply for Graduation


Charges Due link location in the Student Center

Pay your Fees

The $100 application fee helps fund our yearly commencement ceremony and pays for your e-diploma and paper diploma. 

After the Priority Application Period a $5 charge is added. See the table below for Priority Application Period submission dates.

Graduation Fee Payment Guide

The name and address update link locations in the student center.

Verify your Diploma Name & Address

If a diploma name is not specified then the first, middle, last name, and any suffix will appear on the diploma as it is recorded in the Student Center (preferred name is not used).
  1. Open the Student Center
  2. Navigate to your Personal Information section
  3. Select either the Names or Addresses links
  4. Edit, add, or verify your Diploma Name and Address


Graduation exit survey that front facing page, enter ID number

Take your Senior Exit Survey

Your voice matters! Complete the senior exit survey and tell us about your time at SF State.

Priority Application Periods

Graduation Term

Priority Application Period Opens

Priority Application Period Closes

Summer Every February 1 First Friday in March


Every March 1

First Friday in April


Every September 1

Third Friday in October



For information on cap & gowns, ticket allotment, individual Dept. celebrations, and more please visit Commencement's Student Information page.

Graduate Applicants

Graduate Students who submitted an application to graduate, or want information about how to graduate, will need to contact Graduate Studies for assistance.

Resetting Passwords

If you are experiencing issues logging into SF State services, please submit the form on SF State's Login Assistance page or call 415.338.1420 (select opt. 2). For all other service requests or, to report an incident, please log into ITS's Service Request Portal.

Open Prerequisite Roster for Permission Numbers

  1. Log in to SF State Gateway
  2. Under the Faculty/Staff menu, select the Class Services
  3. Access the Prerequisite Roster by choosing a term then select the Go button
     Prerequisite Roster from Class Services Section of the SF State Gateway
  4. Search or navigate to the class for which you want to assess students for Permission Number assignment, then select the Permission Number button under the Action columnPrerequisite Roster application in SF State Gateway
Provide a reason for contacting
Provide a detailed description of your inquiry (do not include SSN's, birth dates, or passwords). If unable to use this form, send an e-mail to or call us directly at 415.338-2350.