Staff Resources

Main Campus Map
It is broken down into four quadrants to locate campus facilities and services and easily access information.

Calendars & Schedules for Payroll
HR's Payroll Calendar, updated with 2023 - 2024 data.

Confidential Data Policy

Docusign Website

Gator eDegree - Information for Faculty and Staff
This site is a repository to share updates about our adoption of the DPR and paperless process for applications to graduate for Spring 2021.

How to Request CS Access
You can enter a request for anyone, however the employee's supervisor must approve the request for it to move forward.

Priority Registration Breakdown
Registration breakdowns are published the same day a semester's class schedule is posted. To view past breakdowns, please visit the Breakdowns Box Archive folder.

Registrar Staff Directory

PolicyStat Home
Site houses SF State policy, can be used as alternative to Bulletin, must have permission to login.

UG Admissions Application & Admitted Student Deadlines

Whistleblower Hotline

Whistleblower Hotline - Complaint Procedure

Level Access - AMP Login
Updated ATI accessibility testing site used by SF State. For more information, visit the ATI help site for more compliance FAQs.

Box at SF State
Box at SF State is a storage service for faculty, staff, and students and can be used for level 1 data.

Business Services Intranet Login
To find out more about the services available to all SF State employees.

Lookup staff & faculty contact information.

Development Environments (CISCO VPN is required)
For help, visit the ITS VPN guides for instructions. CBSFDVL is reserved for ITS developers to perform development. CBSFTST is used for User Acceptance/Functional Testing and is only granted when users need to test a migrated project from CBSFDVL. CBSFSTG is used for troubleshooting purposes. CBSFPRJ is for maintenance pack testing.

EAB Portal
Undergraduate Education & Academic Planning's (UAEP) EAB student work center.

PeopleSoft CMS Non-Production Environment Information
Lookup information on SFSU's Development environments.

Parchment Admin
The parchment administrative site looks up orders, corrects issues, or processes refunds.

Service Now
SF State's Ticketing system, log in to access the Admin view. 

Student Conduct Website

Twilio VoIP Login
Login site for the VoIP call system; visit the Registrar Staff Meeting Box for instructions.

Qless Staff Login
Login site for the One-Stop line queue.

Zoom Login
SF State's web and video conferencing software.

CS Direct Login
Use this link to skip Gateway and DUO

CSU Learn
Staff training assignments, transcripts, and schedule. 

Email Account Services
This web app is used to request accounts, edit department email logins, and forward emails.

External Email Address - ADD|UPDATE Service
SF State uses your external email address when it cannot reach or identify you using your SF State email address. If you do not want your external email address imported into the service management system, select "Do not import into the service management system." 

Lookup SF State ID
Enter an SSN or SF State email to lookup another individual's SF State ID.

OnBase Web Application
The application supports Firefox 24 ESR, Safari 5.1.9 or greater, and Safari 6.0.4 or greater. Must have level 1 VPN access and logged in to use. NOTE: If the site does not open, even when VPN'd, please submit a ticket to ITS as your VPN security level may not be high enough.

Admin Password Reset
Admin locks must go to ITS for assistance

User Proxy
Used for Grade Exceptions, Gateway, and Zeus views. If missing applications, please submit a ticket to ITS.