Steps to Apply

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Graduation Overview

  1. Deadline to Apply by Semester 
  2. Applying for Graduation
  3. What to Expect After Applying for Graduation

Deadline to Apply by Semester

Major departments may have their own (earlier) deadline for graduation. Please consult with your major advisor. 

Semester Deadline 
Spring  3rd Friday in February
Summer- Attending Commencement  2nd Friday in March
Summer- Not Attending Commencement 2nd Friday in July
Fall  Last Friday in September 

Applying for Graduation

To begin, click the Exit Survey button below;

Note: If unable to complete Survey, or if you are a former student then please use our Contact form and select Graduation Application from the Former Student option

Paper Application Status

A student can verify that his/her application was received by Graduation Evaluators via the Student Center To-Do List:

  1. Log into the Student Center
  2. Click "More" on the To-Do List 
  3. Under item list: "Undergrad Graduation Appl Form" check under status:
    • RECEIVED: Graduation Evaluators have received the paper graduation application.
    • REQUIRED: Student applied for graduation online, but Graduation Evaluators have NOT received the paper graduation application.

To Do List Item showing the status is received for undergraduate graduation application

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What to Expect After Applying for Graduation 

Initial Evaluation

The evaluators will perform an initial evaluation of an applicant's progress toward degree completion using the appropriate Bulletin for the General Education, University Requirements, and major and minor program requirements.

  • Applications are not reviewed based on when they are submitted. 
  • Both the Degree Progress Report and paper graduation application will be reviewed. 
  • If preliminarily denied, the applicant will receive an email stating the deficiencies. Please make sure to keep the evaluator up to date on the status of resolving the deficiencies.
  • REMEMBER all statuses in the initial evaluation are preliminary- meaning NOT final. 

Amendment to Degree Application

Evaluators use the major/minor program form on the graduation application to review major/minor requirements. If a student needs to change or delete a course from his/her major/minor program use: Authorization to Amend Major/Minor Courses- Baccalaureate Degree Application. This form will need to be approved and signed by the faculty advisor and chair. 

Reasons for Delays in Awarding Degrees 

All grades of incomplete (I), report delayed (RD), and in-progress (IP) must be resolved by the "Grades Processed (End of Term)" date on the Registrar's Calendar or the "Transcript Deadline"  if from an outside institution. Applications with standing incompletes, report delays, or in-progress classes are subject to denial. 

Transcript Deadlines


Last Friday of June


Last Friday of September


Last Friday of January     

Graduating seniors should prepare their graduation applications before leaving to a Study Abroad program. The translation of Study Abroad coursework is complex and processing time can vary by host institution. In some cases, it can take up to two semesters for coursework to be translated. Spring and Summer degree candidates are still eligible to attend the May commencement ceremony despite the anticipated delay in transcript processing.

A final review of the academic record will be completed after grades are available for the semester the graduation application was turned in for. 

  • If all the degree requirements are completed, the degree will be awarded.
    • When the degree is awarded, the student will receive an email. 
    • Transcripts will reflect the degree the same day it was awarded. 
    • Diploma orders are filled on the second Friday of each month (excluding holidays). Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery. Visit Diplomas page for more information. 
  • If the degree requirements are not fulfilled at the time of review, then a denial notice is sent out via email listing the outstanding requirements.
    • For any questions contact the assigned evaluator, their information is posted on the denial notice. 
  • If an application is officially denied at the end of the semester, a new application must be submitted along with the $100 fee for the new semester the degree requirements are met.