Graduation Application

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Graduation Checklist for Undergraduate Applicants

Use the quick steps below to begin the process,  get the paper application, or lookup more information.  

1. Submit your Intent

  1. Log into Gateway
  2. Open the Student Center
  3. Open the "other academic..." dropdown menu
  4. Select the "Apply for Graduation" option
Instruction Guide

2. Complete the Survey

Your voice matters so complete the graduation survey and access the  paper application PDF after completion.
Take the Graduation Survey


3. Fill out the Application

After Completion of the Survey, select either the General or Business applications, fill it out, and see your ADVISORS for review and approval.
For more information visit our Graduation Application FAQ

4. Pay Application Fees 

Pay the Application Fee online in the Student Center or in person at the Bursar's Office.  To avoid delays with your diploma or transcripts make sure all other obligations are fulfilled. 
Payment Instruction Guide