Registration Hold


For registration instructions please visit our CMS User Guides.

Not all holds prevent registration.



Information related to Holds & Alerts can be found in your Student Center. Follow the instructions below for more information.

Student Center Holds and Alerts box with no holds or alerts in it.

STEP ONE | If the Holds & Alerts box says No Holds then there are no holds to lookup.

Student Center Holds and Alerts box with the details button highlighted.

STEP TWO | When the Holds & Alerts box has items the details link appears.

STEP THREE | Click the details link.

Holds and alerts details page, the hold item column is enclosed in a box

STEP FOUR | Under the Hold Item column click the hold name.

Hold examples of a Campus Financial Obligation and an MMR.

STEP FIVE | Clicking each hold name will show contacts and instructions to display.