CSU Fully Online & Coursematch

CSU students can take one free online course every semester through any of the CSU’s 23 campuses.  A “fully online” course is any class that’s offered completely online, meaning there’s no face-to-face instruction with a professor.

CSU Fully Online is a cross-enrollment program that allows matriculated CSU students to concurrently take one online course at another CSU campus at no additional tuition cost. Students must meet eligibility criteria to participate.

You are eligible if:

  1. You’ve completed at least one term at a CSU campus as a matriculated student in a state-supported program and earned at least 12 units at that campus.
  2. Your GPA is at least 2.0 at your campus and you are in good standing.
  3. You are or will be enrolled at your campus during the time you’re taking a fully online class through another CSU campus.
  4. You’ve paid all your tuition as a full-time student.
  1. Go to your Student Center and select the Enroll in CSU Fully Online link.

    • The link will appear once enrollment opens and remains through the enrollment period for your campus.
  2. Select the term and Continue

    • This process may take a minute while the system checks your eligibility. If you are not eligible, an error message will display. If you are eligible, the class search page will display.
  3. Search for CSU Fully Online Class

    • Use the search criteria to find the class you want to add. Results will vary from what displays on the csufullyonline.com schedule. Only courses that are within the listed enrollment period and have open seats will appear in search results.
CSU fullyonline site that shows available courses

Students enrolled through CSU Fully Online do not need to submit transcripts to their HOME campus at the end of a semester.

Grades are submitted to the HOME campus during the HOST campus's End of Term process (dates vary for each CSU, SF States can be located on our dates & deadlines). ​This process involves downloading the HOST campus course grade, then replacing the HOME campus's place holder course when the HOME campus runs it's own End of Term process. 

If there is any host campus issue contact our office by:

Submitting a request does not guarantee enrollment. If your request is accepted, the host campus will confirm by email and the request will appear with a status of Enrolled. If you successfully enroll in a course, your home campus adds a placeholder course to your record to show the in-progress units. Those units are included in financial aid totals

  1. The registration time of both home and host campus have to be opened for registration at the same time.
  2. Registration times for a CourseMatch course and CSU Fully Online course are different.  For CSU Fully Online enrollment dates please visit our Dates & Deadlines.
  3. Students are eligible to enroll provided that they are active with 12 units and no holds.
  4. Registration periods are available on the CSU Fully Online site.
  5. If a student cannot register due to the registration period not coinciding, please contact the host school for the possibility of concurrent enrollment.
  6. Drops will take place at the host school.
  7. Any questions in regard to CSU Fully Online, please email records@sfsu.edu
  8. Students in Extended Education or Continuing Education programs are not eligible to participate.
  9. Participants will need to pay any course material or lab fees to the host campus.
  10. Students may only enroll at a campus of similar term type (semester to semester, quarter to quarter).

You will need to open your HOST schools student portal to drop a Coursematch or CSU Fully Online course. If SF State is your Host campus, please follow the instructions, or click the video guide button, for steps on how to drop classes in SF State's Student Center.

  1. Log into the Student Center
  2. In the Academics section drop-down box, select Enrollment: Drop
  3. Click the Go button (double arrow)
  4. If prompted, select the correct term and click CONTINUE
  5. Check the boxes next to the classes to be dropped
  7. Review the changes and click FINISH DROPPING

Note: Dropping a course without academic penalty is only allowed during the first two weeks of instruction. Any questions or issues regarding dropping a CSU Fully Online course, please email records@sfsu.edu.